ZurichPLUs 2019 Draft Group Tasks

  Discussion groups ~ of which 4 to be selected



1)  My great grandchildren will not know how to physically write.  Digital voice will transform our lives
2)  As ‘Open’ booking and Open travel distribution platforms both become the norm, the OTAs will survive in their current format?
3)  IOT will transform the operations of travel
5)  Failure to achieve a balance between privacy and public use of personal data, will damage the functionality of the internet



Members/ Leader*


Sascha Hausmann*

Charlotte Lamp Davies

David Soskin

Max Reilly


Robert Campbell

Casey Davey*

Manuel Hilty

Niklas Zeller

Simon Lehmann*


Roy Graff*

Alex Bainbridge

Josselyn Boudett

Don Birch

Martin Sturzenegger*


Max Izmaylov

Davide Montali

Thorsten  Schiefer

Roland Zeller*

Omar Jimenez*