BerlinPLUs 2018 ~ Summary from the 2018 event

Forum Summary:

A special thank you to Stephane Pingaud for introducing us to Dahlem village, we enjoyed our stay in this leafy suburb of Berlin.  Thank you also to the SeminarisCampus Hotel for doing an efficient job of enabling our Forum.  Great facilities.


The Forum format continues to work well!  Over the two days delegates had a unique opportunity to get to know each other both in groups and in one-on-ones, so building meaningful work relationships.


The material was varied, but in sufficient depth to engender energetic debate leading to individual in-sight.


Markus Luthe kicked off proceedings with a well-argued discussion around the issues being created by indirect distribution in the hotel sector.  In many situations the consumer is not being given fair information and rate parity remains a challenge.


This was followed by some autonomous vehicle blue skying by our entrepreneur - in - residence, Alex Bainbridge.  As always his logic is compelling but his timing a subject of much debate.  We look forward to an update in April 2019


Max Reilly shared some detailed data on global airline capacity and airframe orders.  Airlines are the chariots of the travel industry, so everybody needs them to maintain the balance of seats to demand.


With over 130million annual international Chinese travelers, Roy Graff explored the potential for disruption from the Chinese internet giants.  He especially highlighted the power of the WeChat and AliBaBa platforms.


Stephane Pingaud’s latest update on IATA’s NDC outlined that progress is being made, but probably too slowly given the investment that has been made by the industry.


With Augusto Lemble the realities of the BlockChain architecture continued to be hotly debated with the jury still out on whether it will be a disruptor for travel distribution.


The ever popular Show n' Tell sessions enabled some insight into the workings of the young entrepreneurial mind enhanced with feedback from the deep experience in the room.


The Working Groups proved, as ever to be very active, delivering rich presentations on the subjects of ‘Where will we be in 5 years?’, Blockchain Fact or Fiction?, the Rise of App brokers ~ does it matter? and ‘can we survive the robots’?


See the Home page takeaways for a summary of conclusions.