ShangHai PLUs agenda  ~ KindlySponsored by Dragon Trail Interactive  Something a little different but equally successful

ThePlusForum ~ SheShan Thursday 14th & Friday 15th September 2017


Travel distribution’s biggest challenge ~ Cross border adaption

The Yuluxe Sheshan, No.1288 Linyin Xin Road, Sheshan          


Thursday 14th


18h Forum drinks

The Plus Forum What is it?   Why am I here?

Word association warm-up exercise

‘Pause for thought’ ~ 3 topics to ‘take to your dreams’


19h30 Group dinner


Friday 15th


09h00 Forum Opening

  • Welcome ~ George Cao Dragon Trail Interactive


Setting the scene ~ Don Birch, Founder The Plus Forum

  • Introductions
  • ‘I had a dream’
  • Travel Industry OverView ~ disruption, disruption & more disruption


10h15 Presentation

                  Make it easy for hotel distribution in all cultures

                  Ted Zhang ~ DerbySoft


10h45 Coffee


11h15 Presentation

Selling the World to Chinese travelers 

Bryan Xiao ~ Qyer


11h45 Discussion groups Session I ~ 45 mins

Four groups will discuss and prepare feedback


1a. UX should remain consistent across all markets

1b. UX should be customised to the needs of specific markets


2a. Direct distribution is the future

2b. Indirect distribution is critical to the future of the travel sector


12h30 Lunch


14h00 Discussion Groups Session II & prepare report


15h00 Discussion Group feedback and debate


16h 00  Wrap & transport to HongQiao