Welcome to BerlinPLUs 2018

We all participate on the established travel conference circuit but know heart of hearts that it is not all that effective for engaging and having meaningful discussions with other thought leaders in our complex and ever changing industry.  Conference conversations tend to be superficial and the high level of interruptions prevents successful closure.  ThePLUsForum format strives to break this stereo-type.

BarcelonaPLUs 2017 ~ Take Aways

  1. Automation is accelerating
    1. It’s inevitable, it’s moving fast, it’s here soon
    2. The global ‘Havenots’ will continue to lose out
    3. Lifetime learning is a necessary mantra
    4. Society will need to develop a mechanism to balance the winners and losers
  2. While the Travel distribution heavyweights currently dominate air & hotel distribution, they will be disrupted in their turn.
  3. China Rising
    1. Many China smart phone products are already more advanced than the West
    2. Huge domestic volumes, ample investment $s and a desire to be innovative will ensure global leadership


The over-riding theme is Trends in Distribution in the context of Travel and discussed in four or five subject areas.  Delegates will preselect their work group and therefore attend, hopefully having done some homework!