BerlinPLUs 2018 ~ Takeaways from the 2018 event

We all participate on the established travel conference circuit but know heart of hearts that it is not all that effective for engaging and having meaningful discussions with other thought leaders in our complex and ever changing industry.  The PLUs Forum (People Like Us) aims to provide a dynamic framework for meaningful and memorable interactions.

BerlinPLUs 2018 ~ Take Aways:



  1. Governments are struggling to build a regulatory framework that is fair, balanced and practical for all travel stakeholders.  Overshoot will damage the efficient creation of value.  In this context the GDPR story is not yet told.  The speed of change is a particular synching challenge for Governments.
  2. The 4th Industrial revolution of the travel industry is all around us and is moving much faster than earlier revolutions.  The availability of cheap reliable computing for anyperson, anyplace is game changing and will drive amazing innovation.  The biggest challenge is not technology but the rate of change of commercial issues c.f. NDC, BlockChain
  3. Autonomous things will potential transform the travel experience.
  4. Like earlier revolutions, the changes will be absorbed, so while in the work force there will be short term winners and losers, most will be able to eventually adapt; but not all.
  5. Despite robust travel growth, the boom/bust cycles of yesteryear have not gone away and there is a very real concern that airlines in particular, will soon be entering a difficult phase.
  6. The Big will continue to dominate, but will not have everything their own way as clever technologies, especially AI have the potential to disrupt these entities that as a result of size, have lost their dynamism.
  7. China, China, China….Asia ~ you need to understand how 500 million international journeys per year is going to impact your business.
  8. Curated App Stores will lock-in stickiness to certain gatekeepers such as WeChat

And finally…..

  1. Blockchain has the potential to improve some elements of travel and data processes, but it is going to take time to find its modus and gain traction.


The over-riding theme is Trends in Distribution in the context of Travel and discussed in four or five subject areas.  Delegates will preselect their work group and therefore attend, hopefully having done some homework!