Welcome to BarcelonaPLUs 2017

We all participate on the established travel conference circuit but know heart of hearts that it is not all that effective for engaging and having meaningful discussions with other thought leaders in our compex and ever changing industry.  Conference conversations tend to be superficial and the high level of activity prevents successful closure.  ThePLUsForum format strives to break this stereo-type.

Travel Forum

Born of some discussions held in London in April 2011, ThePLUsForum is an annual invitation-only networking event that assembles 20 PLUs (People Like Us) to spend two days listening, thinking, debating and concluding about matters central to our business futures in travel technology.


BarcelonaPLUs 2017 is the sixth in an annual series that has been much appreciated by past delegates.


The invitation list is made up of Travel Industry Distribution Thought Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Media and Academics all of whom will actively contribute their expertise and experience (the important stuff!)


The programme centres around a series of work group discussion tasks and is supplemented by panel discussions, debates and working sessions with real life travel ventures which are trying to make sense of it all.


The over-riding theme is Trends in Distribution in the context of Travel and discussed in four or five subject areas.  Delegates will preselect their work group and therefore attend, hopefully having done some homework!